Wise Courtship…Before the Relationship

You should experience wise courtship…before the relationship becomes serious.

Listen to our conversation with Toni Henderson-Mayers.

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 “Be self-less and not selfish…Marriage is a self-less endeavor.”

Toni Henderson-Mayers


Toni Henderson-Mayers, the author of Wise Courtship brings over 25 years of experience in the area of building business and personal relationships and is a sought after speaker whose message encourages us all to live a life we are “passionate” about. Wise Courtship is a guidebook dedicated to assisting all on “courting” God’s way. The author challenges singles to choose wisely and demonstrates what to look for in a potential spouse utilizing her three step system sure to unveil the true character of any love interest.

Learn more at http://www.wisecourtship.com/.

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