WholeFit: Wellness for Life


WholeFit: Wellness for Life

Whole Fit

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Book Description:

Begin your journey to a healthier you today. This comprehensive approach to health takes you beyond fad diets to realistic, long-term change. Combining breakthrough research and timeless principles, this book will help you enjoy a life free from worries about weight, chronic illness, and stress. Enhance your health, your emotions, and your relationships as you find the balance and wellness you’ve always wanted.

The Mastermind behind WholeFit:

Dr. Jared DuPree

Dr. Jared DuPree is an innovative thinker. He applies his deep understanding of patterns and connections to various areas including healthcare, entrepreneurship, families, wellness, business development, and economic development. Having earned a PhD in Human Ecology from Kansas State University, an International MBA from the nationally ranked Moore School of Business of the University of South Carolina and a MS of Family Therapy at the University of Southern Mississippi, Dr. DuPree relies on theories and applications derived from the social sciences, economics and business to innovate. Equally, he values spirituality, the experience of others and the classics to contribute to his ongoing learning. He is the CEO of Health & Wellness Solutions, the Center for Couples & Families and WholeFIT. He is also the author of various publication including “WholeFIT: Wellness for Life.” If you can’t find him in a classroom teaching or at a desk writing, you may find him in the backwoods of Montana fishing, among the cliffs of southern Utah mountain biking, sitting on a porch in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, or speaking with the natives of some distant land.

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