The Way I See It – Entered in 2017 ATAI Book Award Contest

5 Stars

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Thomas J. Neviaser, MD

Dr. Thomas J. Neviaser, MD has put together a powerful and deeply insightful book focused on orthopaedics. The Way I See It: A Head-to-Toe Guide to Common Orthopaedic Conditions is exactly what the title claims it to be. In this book, Dr. Neviaser shares very detailed descriptions and explanations around the most common orthopaedic ailments and their potential treatments. Readers will find diagrams, drawings and even x-rays. There are tips on how and what to say in an effort for patients to help doctors understand their actual pain and the location it is likely stemming from. Readers will also find a number of potential questions they should ask before agreeing to have orthopaedic surgery. It’s a very detailed and handy guide to help readers understand the musculoskeletal system in their body.

The Way I See It covers a very complex topic; therefore, readers may need to reread some sections over to try and comprehend the content. Though Dr. Neviaser shares some mildly humours stories and analogies, it can still be a bit of a dry read. However, this is the not type of book one should intend to sit down and read for pure enjoyment. The ultimate intent appears to be focused on helping, not entertaining.

With so many helpful diagrams, broken down explanations and Dr. Neviaser’s ability to break down highly complex concepts into understandable chunks of information, The Way I See It is a book that can help empower patients. Sections cover everything from herniated disc symptoms to Ganglion cysts to fibromyalgia. Through his honest and clear breakdowns, Dr. Neviaser displays his deep concern for patients and readers all while allowing his brilliant wisdom to shine through. Nearly anyone could benefit from having a copy of Dr. Thomas J. Neviaser’s The Way I See It to help them better understand their orthopaedic pain and be able to better describe it, so their chance at relief and healing are greatly improved.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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