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5 Stars

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AJ Eversley

Watcher by AJ Eversley is set after World War III, during which much of North America was obliterated by nuclear war. The book follows Sawyer, a young girl who had spent the last ten years of her life training as a Watcher. The Watchers are an elite group of human survivors whose purpose is to protect humanity from the Bots and Carbons, robots that have seized control and reigned destruction down on those who survived the war.

Watcher is a great introduction to a new young adult series. This book has a little bit of everything: action, suspense, and romance, all set in a dystopian future. Where Watcher could be stronger is in the characterization of Kenzie. Kenzie plays opposite Sawyer for most of the novel and is, in many ways, a foil for the heroine. The reader spends so little time with him at the beginning, however, that it takes too much work to form the connection with him required to empathize with his position. Giving Kenzie just a little more time to be introspective would help the reader connect with him earlier in the book.

Eversley’s Watcher is a solid contribution to the world of young adult fiction. The characters are largely relatable, grappling with many of the issues that young adults face today, albeit in an entirely fictional setting. The novel moves at a break-neck pace, which fits the dystopian setting and the reality that danger really does lurk around every corner for poor Sawyer. Eversley has created a fully-realized dystopian future full of formidable enemies. Watcher by AJ Eversley is a heart-pounding adventure that is sure to appeal to anyone looking for an entertaining read that also challenges the reader to ask questions about the future of humanity.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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