Unchanging Points of Light – Entered in 2017 ATAI Book Award Contest

4 Stars

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Edwin A. McDonald

Edwin A. McDonald, III’s Unchanging Points of Light: Finding Your Way in the Dark is a philosophical, self-help style book with a fascinating theme. Using real-life examples from current and historical events, McDonald details how to recognize certain “threats” in one’s life, look at them objectively, and discover a way to shine a light in dark times. Unchanging Points of Light is, as he says, his “personal effort to push back the darkness and shine a very bright light on some of the biggest issues of our day.”

Edwin A. McDonald, III expresses his reviews eloquently and thoughtfully, but he does seem to divert from his own subject matter, at times. These diversions usually took the form of his expression of his own political views. While he did eventually tie these diversions back into the main theme of Unchanging Points of Light, his blatantly expressed opinions may alienate certain demographics of readers. Granted, these opinions are still interesting to read, but risking allowing readers to disagree with him could damage the overall effectiveness of this book. 

Despite this, Unchanging Points of Light proves itself to be a most worthwhile read. The sheer amount of research, thought, and introspection that went into this work is admirable. Edwin A. McDonald’s narrative style is gentle and honest, presenting each point not as a lecture or rant, but as valuable guidance that will surely benefit all readers in some way. Unchanging Points of Light: Finding Your Way in the Dark is a treasure trove of precious wisdom, tailor-made to help the “seekers, skeptics, and believers” of the world find the light in their lives.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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