Ulfbehrt’s Legacy – Entered in 2017 ATAI Book Award Contest

4 Stars

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Holly Bargo

In Holly Bargo’s Ulfbehrt’s Legacy, Lars and Zoe find each other when they are both in need of healing. Lars suffered numerous wounds from a fierce battle as he’s in the Royal Norwegian Navy, and Zoe, along with her history of deep and traumatic wounds, is searching for a new place to live and a new job so she can finish her graduate degree at a Norwegian university. They experience what seems to be love-at-first-sight or “pow” as Lars’ father calls it, but both of their pasts come back to haunt them and threaten to tear them apart.

Ulfbehrt’s Legacy is a stereotypical romance novel. Guy meets girl through his sister. Girl has dark and traumatic past. Guy is a tough guy and believes he needs to protect her. The pace set early on was a bit slow moving, but if readers are patient they’ll discover a real page-turner in the last two-thirds of the story. Unfortunately for Bargo, the tone is set for Ulfbehrt’s Legacy by misspelling “Ulfberht” and by entitling the story as though the sword and the legacy is a major focus -it is not. As long as readers can move past that, they can find a sexy romance inside the pages of Bargo’s story though.

Sexy scenes throughout, danger near the end, and evidence of a strong woman save Ulfbehrt’s Legacy just as Lars believes he needs to save Zoe. For readers who crave women that need strong alpha males to come to their aid to make them feel safe and to keep them safe, this story will likely light their fire. The last third of the story really shines a light on Holly Bargo’s potential skills as a wonderful writer, who can keep readers enthralled. If more attention is given to details, Holly Bargo has great potential as a romance author and thought there are some issues with Ulfbehrt’s Legacy it’s a romantic and sexy example of her potential.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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