Twisted Threads – Entered in 2018 ATAI Book Award Contest – Thriller

4 Stars

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Kaylin McFarren

In Kaylin McFarren’s Twisted Threads, Akira is an assassin tasked with hunting down a dangerous murderer aboard a cruise ship. The culprit is presumably one half of a married couple, but Akira can’t decide who’s at fault. Desperate for a lead, Akira seduces the couple’s nephew, Devon, but soon finds more than she bargained for.

Though certainly a riveting mystery, Twisted Threads unfortunately suffers from some issues with its plot development—albeit somewhat minor ones. Several character introductions tend to be confusing or unclear, leading to uncertainty as to who each character is and how they relate to one another. Perhaps they were covered in previous books in the series and thus, are rushed in this entry; therefore, this isn’t entirely suitable as a standalone novel. Also, some aspects of the timeline and plethora of subplots tend to be vague, or perhaps not as well-defined and well-developed as they could be.

Nevertheless, Twisted Threads is a most entertaining read for several notable reasons. Kaylin McFarren’s descriptive style of writing is phenomenally done, expertly crafting each scene, setting, and character in vivid detail. The intertwining dramas and mysteries are delightfully intriguing and suspenseful, making this book a real page-turner. With a load of steamy romance as the cherry on top, this book is a fantastic experience that’s sure to delight its readers. It’s easy to get sucked into this story from beginning to end, journeying along with the characters as they unravel the dangerous mystery. Twisted Threads is one tumultuous, exhilarating cruise that no one is likely to forget.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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