Twelve Days to Save Christmas – Entered in Holiday Contest

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Jane Finch

In Jane Finch’s holiday tale, Twelve Days to Save Christmas, the town of Berryfield is bracing themselves for another drab Christmas. Their mayor, a Scrooge-like man who does not believe in Christmas spirit, and has banned it entirely. When Jane and her magical friend, Mary, set about decorating the offices of Grange Solicitors for the festive holiday, the grumpy mayor retaliates by banning family pets in all of Berryfield. It is up to Jane and her friends to change the mayor’s mind, and bring festive cheer back to Berryfield, once and for all. 

Twelve Days to Save Christmas is a bit of an odd book to categorize, because it is not immediately clear what age group it would cater to. The magical elves and abundance of Christmas spirit would suggest that it is a children’s book, but it seems far too wordy and slow-paced to adequately entertain a child. Its narrative seemed a bit slow, too; there were often long-winded, sometimes confusing passages that seemed to do little to advance the plot.

Nevertheless, Twelve Days to Save Christmas is a charming holiday story. Its plot seems familiar, but wonderfully unique at the same time. Jane Finch’s use of descriptive language is vivid and diverse, spinning a creative tale about the importance of Christmas cheer. It’s an incredibly innocent story, but with something in it for anyone to enjoy. Twelve Days to Save Christmas is a great laid-back, easy read to help you get in the mood for the holidays.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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