Truth The Ten Minute Life Plan


TRUTH Ten Minute Life Plan:

Ending Procrastination and Creating the Life You Want

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Book Description:

In Bill Cortright’s new book, TRUTH: The Ten Minute Life Plan, we explore the real reasons we procrastinate. How diet, exercise, self-talk, childhood programs, and stress will cause us to procrastinate. You are going to gain easy-to-use tools that will help you break through and break out. If you claim any of these tendencies, this simple book will change your life.

• Put things off to the point you rush in “panic mode” to complete them?
• Daydream about what you are going to do one day but never seem to get it done?
• Get lost with distractions such as computer games, social media, television, movies, etc.?
• Start a new diet or proclaim the same New Year’s Resolutions every year? Do you lose weight and gain weight on a regular cycle? Are you overweight?
• Make “To Do Lists” that are never completed? Do you feel overwhelmed with so much to do but get little accomplished?
• Believe that there is a “magic time” when things will get done?
• Put off what you should do now with a set time in your head for when you will make up for the lost time?

Janelle’s Review:

An insightful, transparent and brutally honest exploration of revealing your personal procrastination and obliterating it from your life, Truth The Ten Minute Life Plan: Ending Procrastination And Creating The Life You Want offers you a powerful opportunity to make changes in your life once and for all.  Bill Cortright gets you to understand that “what matters is what is programmed into [your] mind…and daily positive action can reset those programs.”  As you begin to move through Truth The Ten Minute Life Plan, you will quickly discover amazing wisdom around the science of the body and the science of the brain.  But, Cortright doesn’t overlook the importance of spirituality and mindset either.  He helps you embrace what that means to you as an individual. 

Bill Cortright packed Truth the Ten Minute Life Plan full of inspiration, tips, and wisdom that will kick you in the butt and help you kick up your life a notch.  You’ll discover ten principles to help you take action and do the work, three key elements to help you forever change, the five life categories to achieve balance in, and twelve phenomenal techniques to end procrastination and make a major life shift.  As Cortright shares, “the moment you decide to change all hell breaks loose within your mind”, but he helps you “confront your resistance and step outside your comfort zone to create change.”  Tired of putting it off until next week or next month?  Then Bill Cortright’s Truth the Ten Minute Life Plan: Ending Procrastination And Creating The Life You Want is a must have in your personal development library!

The Mastermind behind Truth: The Ten Minute Life Plan

Bill Cortright

Bill Cortright is a highly sought after international speaker specializing in personal development, motivation, wellness, anti-aging, weight loss, and stress management. Bill’s journey began at a young age struggling with weight loss and maintenance, resulting in a decade long fluctuation of 100 plus pounds three times before successfully losing the weight and eventually becoming a seven-time bodybuilding champion. Today he is one of the top experts in the field of wellness, weight loss and stress management.

Bill is the author of the international bestseller The NEW Stress-Response Diet and Lifestyle Program and has the soon to be released sequel called TRUTH: The Real Understanding to Health. Bill has spent three decades coaching clients from around the world with his cutting edge scientific approach to total wellness. This new and innovative approach is the result of Bill’s personal experience of growing up obese and being diagnosed with diabetes. Bill realized that there was a major disconnect between the medical field and the diet and fitness industries. Patients are stressed, overwhelmed, tired, confused, depressed and frustrated. To create a real wellness plan everyone must work together and this has been the basis of Bill’s work. Bill’s lectures speak from the heart of his personal experiences of battling diabetes and obesity but also from his profound understanding how our body and mind work in creating a life of health and prosperity.

Bill, now in his fifties has turned his attention to the unique needs of the body as we age and how to master our own genetics through lifestyle management. Bill’s new book TRUTH will address the science of self-discipline, brain health, reversing disease and managing stress with simple easy to do techniques that change lifelong habits. His mission is to motivate, educate and inspire people to live their best lives. Bill is resides in Miami, Florida with his wife, Linda and dog, Toby, and remains devoted to his five children and his work.

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