Truls and Trine: A Christmas Story – Entered in Holiday Contest

4 Stars

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Anita Hager

An adorable Christmas story by Anita Hager, Truls and Trine – A Christmas Story is the 16th book in her Be the magic you are series.  With full-color images throughout, parents and young readers alike will enjoy a cute tale of two trolls and their Christmas Eve adventure.  Truls and Trine are a brother and sister pair, who enjoy a sweet friendship with their human friend, Jenny.  Though the pair are friends with Jenny, they were unsure of what Christmas was.  Jenny explained to them why people add colorful lights to their Christmas trees and about Santa Claus.  Truls didn’t want to believe in Santa Claus, but Trine was quite willing to believe in the fanastical story of a jolly man in a red suit delivering presents to children around the world.  Before the night was over, Truls discovered the truth about Santa and his reindeer.  

Overall, Hager’s Truls and Trine – A Christmas Story is a nice little holiday story – even one that could easily be read as a bedtime story.  There were definitely a few cliche moments from Truls not believing in Santa and having to experience it for himself to him, Trine and Jenny ultimately saving Christmas.  At the same time, the storyline offers a few twists and turns to a basic plot that has been nearly overdone.  Truls and Trine – A Christmas Story is a quick and fun read that places a focus on friendship and family without any religious undertones.  It could use another round of proofing and readers may wonder what happened with the snowball at the beginning, but overall it’s well worth grabbing a copy and sharing the young trolls tales with a young reader. 

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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