There’s a Goat in My Oatmeal – Entered in 2017 ATAI Book Award Contest

4 Stars

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Jeff Whitcher

A classic perspective on humorous children’s poetry, There’s a Goat In My Oatmeal: Poems and Drawings by Jeff Whitcher is quite delightful.  Throughout the book, readers will discover whimsical concepts interwoven throughout the poetry.  More often than not, the author writes with a rhyming cadence.  However, the reader will encounter a few oddities tossed in along the way.  Those ”interesting facts” pop up only a time or two, but they seem somewhat out of context and break the flow of the rest of the book.  That shouldn’t deter potential readers though.  If those feel incongruent with the rest of the book, just skip over them.  Beyond the comical approach to the poetry, author Jeff Whitcher has also included a number of entertaining sketches that will grab the reader’s attention and bring a smile to his or her lips.

Some of the poetry seems to come from the view of a child whereas other poems seem to come from the view of a parent.  That can be a bit confusing initially, but many of them will still bring a giggle bubbling to the surface.  There’s a Goat in My Oatmeal as a whole and the poem with the same title as the book’s title are great to read to one’s children outloud, and they are great poems for younger readers to explore on their own.  Witcher looks at things and events through a very interesting lens.  For example, he writes about “The Old Woman and the Shoe”, and yes, she is the old woman from the traditional nursery rhyme, but reading about her from Witcher’s view is very cute and as mentioned above will likely bring a smile and giggle if not a full belly laugh from young readers.  There’s a Goat in My Oatmeal would make a nice addition to one’s family library as well as local libraries’ children’s sections.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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