The Sword Chronicles: Child of the Empire

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The Sword Chronicles: Child of the Empire

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CAUTION: We LOVE Michaelbrent Collings, and we laugh our asses off every time we speak with him!  So, get ready to laugh along with us…and hear about his work…and gain great insight too!  

Book Description:

She is a Dog – one of the many children and teens across the empire of Ansborn who have been sentenced to fight in the arenas. There they fight in battle after battle until they die for the sport of the people of Ansborn – an empire built atop the peaks of five mountains. 

But one day she picks up a knife… and everything changes. 

She discovers she is a Greater Gift – one of a handful of magic users with powers so great they have only two choices: to join the Empire as one of its premier assassins, or die as a threat to the Empire itself. 

She is no longer a Dog. Now, she is Sword. And she will soon realize that in this Empire, not all is what it seems. Good and evil collide, and she can never be sure whom to trust – not even herself. 

She holds life in her hands for some. Brings death by her blade to others. 

She is a killer. 
She is a savior. 

She is Sword.


Listen to our previous interview with Michaelbrent about his book, Twisted. Perhaps, like us, you’ll view horror stories in a whole new light. Listen now by clicking here.


Michaelbrent Collings

MbC Semi-Serious Medium

Michaelbrent is an internationally bestselling author, produced screenwriter, and makes amazing chocolate-chip waffles.

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