The Devil’s Advocate Guide to Planning Your Business Website

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The Devil’s Advocate Guide to Planning Your

Business Website

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Save yourself time, money and aggravation.
Do you need to build a business website, but don’t know where to start? Should you build it yourself or hire outside help? What information should your website contain? Who will be your target audiences? Will you sell products online? Blog? How do you choose a domain name and a host (and what are they?) The Devil’s Advocate’s Guide to Planning Your Business Website takes you from start to finish on creating your business website. It serves up a hearty helping of needs assessment questions, a side of advice and a soupçon of snarky anecdotes.

– Free is never free – there’s always a catch.
– Read and understand what you are agreeing to BEFORE you sign a contract
– Do research on a company before hiring or signing up with them.
– Always keep your hosting and registration information up to date, or you can loose control of your site.
– Have a clear idea of your target audience before building a site.
– How will you differentiate yourself?
– Be professional on your site
– Be realistic about your skills, budget and time you can devote to a site
– Have a basic grasp of terms so you understand who you need and what you are signing up for
– Retain control of your site
– Know what proprietary sites are and how they can cost you in the long run.
– Always look at samples of a web design companies’ work before you sign on

Elaine Meszaros


Elaine Meszaros started designing websites back in the day when they could only have 256 colors and had to be hand-coded in HTML, uphill both ways, in a snowstormwith wolves nipping at her heels! Elaine’s clients include authors, artists, manufacturers, unions, retail shops, therapists, speakers and everyone in-between. 99% of her clients are lovely, organized people who pay their bills on time and would never dream of asking her to reschedule her honeymoon for a meeting. The other 1% provided the anecdotes for this book.  Learn more at

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