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Do you make excuses as to why you can’t write that blog or that book you would really like to write? Do you say you just don’t have the time or don’t know where to start? Well, what if you were blind?!

Our guest today isn’t allowing excuses to stop him. Maxwell Ivey is the blind blogger. He is an entrepreneur as well as an author and coach. He was born with perfect vision, but was going blind by high school. Naturally, he has experienced frustration because he can go from day to day where he can’t do something the same way he did yesterday. However, if you really think about it a lot of people can experience that frustration – just around other things perhaps.

We really enjoyed our conversation with Maxwell, and highly encourage you to listen in!



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Leading You Out of the Darkness Into the Light: A Blind Man’s Inspirational Guide to Success is a motivational guide book in which blind man Max Ivey shares the 11 steps of his success as a blind entrepreneur and the lessons he has learned from his journey. It also provides 11 exercises readers to do, complete with email support from the author, whose sincerest desire to help you succeed in accomplishing a big goal or achieving your dreams! Stop the excuses and get started on your journey today! This is more than just a book; it’s a chance to change your life.


Maxwell Ivey is an inspirational and motivational personal coach who also runs a business buying and selling carnival equipment and amusement park rides. A native Texan, Max loves to sing and spend time with his unique and crazy dog, a “Greymation” named Penny (half Greyhound, half Dalmation). Reading, singing, and blogging are among Max’s favorite things to do. He especially enjoys helping others find their bliss.

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  • Hello; i’m sorry i didn’t get by to comment sooner, but was delayed by a combination of learning my way around my new iPhone, celebrating my 49th birthday, and editing a inspirational guest post from a future guest of your show debra morgan. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the show. I hope that i have helped to motivate and inspire your listeners to take action however small towards the accomplishment of their goals whatever they may be. In fact i find its the small steps or baby ones if you will that result in the most progress. and I’m here to help anyone who needs a bit extra encouragement or guidance. thanks again and keep up the great work, Max

  • Great podcast, Max! 🙂

    I have to agree with you when you said that there are not many new ideas but many new ways of presenting the idea, and that ONE particular way of expressing it might be the key that someone else is holding. So true!

    There are a variety of learning styles, and finding that ONE way to teach others is often the bane of teachers’ existences.

    Congratulations again on your book. As your editor, I have to say that I like it, but as your friend, I have to say I LOVE it! I know it is going to help each and every person who buys it and follows your steps to success!

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