The Sword Chronicles: Child of the Empire

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The Sword Chronicles: Child of the Empire

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CAUTION: We LOVE Michaelbrent Collings, and we laugh our asses off every time we speak with him!  So, get ready to laugh along with us…and hear about his work…and gain great insight too!  

Book Description:

She is a Dog – one of the many children and teens across the empire of Ansborn who have been sentenced to fight in the arenas. There they fight in battle after battle until they die for the sport of the people of Ansborn – an empire built atop the peaks of five mountains. 

But one day she picks up a knife… and everything changes. 

She discovers she is a Greater Gift – one of a handful of magic users with powers so great they have only two choices: to join the Empire as one of its premier assassins, or die as a threat to the Empire itself. 

She is no longer a Dog. Now, she is Sword. And she will soon realize that in this Empire, not all is what it seems. Good and evil collide, and she can never be sure whom to trust – not even herself. 

She holds life in her hands for some. Brings death by her blade to others. 

She is a killer. 
She is a savior. 

She is Sword.


Listen to our previous interview with Michaelbrent about his book, Twisted. Perhaps, like us, you’ll view horror stories in a whole new light. Listen now by clicking here.


Michaelbrent Collings

MbC Semi-Serious Medium

Michaelbrent is an internationally bestselling author, produced screenwriter, and makes amazing chocolate-chip waffles.

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The Dream Walker

Author Michelle Murray writes a young adult series in which the main character sees visions in her dreams.  What do they mean?  Are they really meant to be her future or are they just dreams?

Michelle also has a G+ Community, Chell’s Writing Cafe, that she recently started as a place for authors to connect and share.

The Dream Walker_eCover_Final  Get a copy now.

Book Description:

Once upon Mystica there were six wizards, three light, and three dark. One day, one of the dark wizards Midnight says a spell to trap the fellow wizards. The spell goes astray, and all the wizards are trapped in stones. Now, one curious boy finds one of the stones and releases Midnight upon Mystica. Midnight gathers an army and prepares for war. Miranda is an average college age girl, until she starts having dreams of Mystica. These dreams lead her to journey through Mystica to find the one wizard that can stop Midnight, Lightning. Follow Miranda through the Ice Caves, Forest of the Lost, and the Dragons Lair. Can Miranda find and release Lightning and save Mystica?





Michelle Murray is a married working mother of two fine young men (her children). She lives in Wisconsin. When not writing, she enjoys reading especially science fiction/fantasy and classics.

Her favorite authors include Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Margaret Weiss, and Colleen Houck.

She also enjoys doing painting and crafts, and spending time with her family. She enjoys going for walks, and swimming. She has been known to jump in Lake Michigan with no life jacket!

She has been writing since high school. Michelle took a break from writing to concentrate on raising her children.

She has an app on her IPad that gives her a word of the day and poem of the day.

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Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D.

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Earth Girl Returns to a Magical Planet in 24th Century

What if this happened to you? What if this was the Monday morning headlines about you: Earth Girl Returns to Magical Planet?

In the twenty-fourth year of the last Highking of Doria: Aurora Celeste crash lands on Talus IV and finds herself scarred, stranded, and all alone, save for her android companion, on an alien planet full of magic and danger. To make matters worse, Aurora is also the focal point of a prophecy that foretells of a cataclysmic war that will test the souls of men. To Aurora, she is nothing more than a little girl, stranded and fighting to survive. To the inhabitants of the planet she’s landed on, Aurora is known and revered as… The Starchild.

What would you do?  How would you react?  Fred Strange’s main character is just 13-years-old, has a scar on her cheek that is connected to a prophecy, and she is abandoned and alone on a plant ruled by magic.

Starchild Prophecy Cover v2-0


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If you enjoy reading “fish out of water” stories blended with fantasy and science-fiction, then this book just might be for you.



Fred Strange was born in California. An Army brat, he spent his elementary school years living in Kansas, Germany, and Oklahoma before returning to California. Fred wanted to be a musician, but unable to secure a band, he tried teaching, and focused on prose literature. Fred started on his first major project in 2001 titled Starchild: Prophecy, completing the book in 2003. Fred has written one full novel, Starchild: Prophecy, and has several short stories.  Learn more at

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