Wrath of the Revenant – Entered in 2017 Book Award Contest

4 Stars

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Terry Marchion

In Terry Marchion’s The Wrath of the Revenant, Christopher’s Uncle Tremain befriends a mysterious and beautiful woman named Alice, but there is something strange about her. Meanwhile, Tremain is summoned to review a satellite image that reveals something deeply unsettling: a vengeful being who despises humans and wants to destroy them all. Tremain and Christopher will only have one chance to save the whole human race from the titular wrath of the revenant.

The Wrath of the Revenant has all the potential to be a great science fiction novel, but it is held back slightly by some issues with its plot development. Much of the first half of the book is incredibly confusing, as the plot is unclear and the characters are unfamiliar to readers who have not read the other books in Marchion’s The Adventures of Tremain and Christopher series. Certain aspects of the plot seem too rushed and undeveloped, making it difficult to follow along until much later in the book. The Wrath of the Revenant could clearly benefit from some revisions and editing to alleviate its many plot issues.

However, The Wrath of the Revenant still stands out as a fantastic literary experience, mostly due to its creative and unique plot. Terry Marchion has written this story in such a way that it introduces the science fiction genre to younger audiences, while still maintaining a great deal of excitement and relatability. Its vivid detail, mysterious plot, and all-too-human characters contribute to this story as well, making it a joy to read from beginning to end. The Wrath of the Revenant could use a bit of polishing in some places, but it is a gem nonetheless, guaranteed to delight its young readers with a captivatingly different sort of story.

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