Forget Me – Entered in 2017 ATAI Book Award Contest

5 Stars

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Chelsea Vanderbeek

In Forget Me, by Chelsea Vanderbeek, readers will find an intense story about a teenage girl, who is facing deep self-loathing. She doesn’t want to keep living and sadly takes her own life. But, she doesn’t disappear. Instead, she’s forced to stick around and see what happened to those around her. Before long she regrets her decision to end her life, but whether or not she can go back and change things is questionable.

With such heavy content, it is highly advisable to use caution when considering whether or not to read Forget Me. Other than the painful topic at the core of this story -deep depression and suicide- it’s an impactful tale. However, it was a bit confusing early on as to why Sabine felt so compelled to hate herself and her life. There were only mild clues as to why she was so deeply depressed. This could have been explored more, which might help readers relate more and feel a deeper connection to the the protagonist.

Chelsea Vanderbeek’s Forget Me is a deeply Christian young adult fiction, which will be a powerful draw for some readers. It was most certainly a gripping tale that moved through Sabine’s experiences of being a tortured soul while offering beautiful poetic lines early on in the story. Sabine is a poet by nature and writes glorious poetry. Eloquently dealing with the topic of depression and suicide is not an easy task, but Chelsea Vanderbeek did it smoothly and took an honest look at the young girl’s feelings without hiding from the fact that many people do take their own lives. By taking this approach to a fictional story Vanderbeek offers a way to find hope and healing for not only Sabine, but for readers or friends or family of the reader.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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