This Week’s Featured Romance Books! – What It Takes by Sonya Loveday

This Week’s Featured

What It Takes
by Sonya Loveday

Gracen Lowell is on the hunt for a man—but not just any man. He has to be ‘the one’. Her only problem is that no one she’s dated has ever measured up to the charming qualities of her best friend. 

Slade Owens knows no matter how much he loves Gracen, he’ll never be what she’s looking for. And he dang sure isn’t going to stick around to watch her fall in love with someone else. Slade leaving the Owens’ family farm for an out-of-state job should put enough distance between the two to allow him to move on with his life and Gracen to search for her happily-ever-after. 

Gracen knows asking him to stay isn’t fair. Slade thinks leaving her behind is the only thing to do. Inexplicably drawn together, the best friends must decide if they have what it takes to own up to their feelings… before it’s too late.

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From the Shadow
by Jessica Jessinghaus

What makes a man a monster?

For too long Jacob has lived in isolation. Forsaken by God and cursed by a Shadow, he is doomed to an eternity of solitude with only the demons of his past for company. For nearly two hundred years, he has longed for that which he knows he can never have: forgiveness, love, and redemption. 

A chance encounter could hold the key…

When Jacob meets Lynn, she shines a ray of hope across his bleak existence. But will she be strong enough to shoulder the truth of his past? Can she forgive the horrors he has wrought? Can she help him come to terms with his past and move with him into a brighter future?

An old nemesis threatens…

Confronted by an ancient enemy, Lynn and Jacob travel halfway around the world. There, they face the daunting task of sifting through ancient history for clues to their tormentor’s weaknesses and a way to loose his grip on their future.

What good can come From the Shadow?


The Honeypot Chronicles 2
by R. Marlaan Rush


R. Marlaan Rush is handing you another tantalizing buffet of sexual escapades! You can dine on stories such as a admiring husband teasing his wife in a restaurant, a kinky game of hide and seek in the woods and more!


Shifted by Fate
by S.R. Mitchell


Kelly had a history of picking the wrong guy, but destiny had its own twisted plan for her. She could not change what destiny had in store for her, but she could learn to accept it. With change came Eric and he was one-hundred percent Alpha bad boy. Kelly knew one thing when it came to Eric… 

He drove her absolutely crazy.

Eric knew as soon as he scented her, and her smell invaded his senses, that she was his mate. 

An alpha did not let go of his mate for anything…. she was his.
He would fight for her. 
He would guide her.
He would love her.

And with other wolves now after her… he would protect her at all cost.

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Camping in High Heels – Entered in Romance Novel Contest

5 Stars

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Miki Bennett

Miki Bennett has shifted gears with her new romance novel, Camping in High Heels, but she continues to turn out hard-to-lay-down books with her virtuous, heart-and-soul writing style.  Readers are taken on a hilarious adventure with Kate Palmer in the first book in this new series after she accepts a challenge by one of her travel blog followers.  She’s used to 5 Star accomodations, but this challenge pushes her into new territory as she spends the next six months camping and RVing.  Experiencing a learning curve that led her to nickname the RV she is driving Monster, she begins to question why anyone would actually choose to travel and camp via RV.  She’s surprised by the friendships she begins to make at the very first campground, and this continues from campground to campground.

As Bennett tells of Kate’s travels to New Orleans, Texas and New Mexico, readers begin to see Kate come to appreciate the outdoors.  It’s a romance novel, so naturally a romance starts to blossom as she continually bumps into fellow camper, Brandon.

This is a clean, well-written novel.  Bennett’s descriptions of the many places she sees -like the Alamo and the French Quarter- are explained so well readers will feel like they have seen it too.  The characters are all well-defined, and the story line is progressive.  I believe Camping in High Heels offers a good message of trying something different.  This underlying message encourages readers to do just that.  After all, it isn’t possible to know if one would really like something or not unless they try it.

I can hardly wait to read the next book in the series and see what new adventures Kate and her friends will experience.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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Feng Shui & Charlotte Nightingale

Open Case:

Feng Shui & Charlotte Nightingale


Book Description:

*Feng Shui and Charlotte Nightingale* is an uplifting and hilarious fable about empowerment and perception, and the magical things that happen when we begin to see the glass as half full. Charlotte Nightingale has the worst luck in the world. Her cluttered apartment is the poster child for *shar chi*, poison luck in the realm of feng shui. Her boyfriend s a jerk, her job is miserable, she is broke, and her own family seems to hate her. Every day is a bad hair day.

Kwan, a handsome Chinese food delivery man and aspiring feng shui practitioner, takes pity on Charlotte. While Charlotte searches for the money to pay for the Emperors cashew chicken Kwan has delivered, he surreptitiously begins to move things around in Charlotte’s apartment in accordance with the ancient art of placement – hoping to improve her life.

Charlotte’s luck subsequently appears to change in a big way. It goes from bad to worse – or so it seems. Charlotte finds a photo of her boyfriend with another woman, her car dies, she is fired from her job, the plumbing in her apartment explodes, and making matters worse, Charlotte’s perfect, perky, designer-obsessed blonde sister is about to marry a square-jawed, richer-than-god, insanely handsome, plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, and the entire family loves nothing more than to rub Charlotte s nose in it.

Is it bad luck that sends Charlotte careening through calamity after calamity, or is it merely a matter of perspective? Without a loser boyfriend, beater car, and awful job, Charlotte is free to embark on a great adventure that will awaken in her a world of possibility where nothing is as simple as it seems. Until, in the end, Charlotte realizes that everything she ever wanted was right under her nose the whole time. The reader might ask whether feng shui, luck, voodoo, prayer or magic can cause change in a person’s life, or whether an about-face is purely a function of attitude. Or better yet, whether perhaps it’s a combination of all these things.

The Mastermind behind Feng Shui & Charlotte Nightingale:

Pam Ferderbar


Pam began writing at age 11, when she discovered the poetry of Bob Dylan. Convinced she would become a starving poet and live in Paris, she nonetheless earned a degree in Journalism from Marquette University. Pam has directed TV commercials for Microsoft, Wells Fargo ITT, and oodles more, but more importantly she wrote the novel Feng Shui and Charlotte Nightingale about a woman with the worst luck in the world. Pam’s luck turned around after writing “Charlotte.” She didn’t really want to starve.

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Dead Men Don’t


Dead Men Don’t


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Book Description:

A strange man has come to save her…but is he friend or foe?

Anderson Merritt’s been kidnapped, but when a stranger comes to rescue her, she isn’t sure he is who he says he is. He claims to work her father’s boss. But someone close to Andi set her up, and now she doesn’t know who to trust. Every man she’s ever known has seen her only as a tool to get to her father or his money, so why should this one be any different? As the sparks between them ignite, and the danger escalates, Andi has to choose—go off on her own, or trust that some men really are what they seem.

He doesn’t want to hurt her…but he may have to if she doesn’t come willingly.

Ex-CIA black ops specialist Levi Komakov doesn’t believe in hurting women, but when the place is set to blow and Andi won’t cooperate, he has no choice to but toss her over his shoulder and carry her out of danger, determined to keep her safe in spite of herself. But the beautiful little spitfire doesn’t make it easy for him. With her abductors seemingly always one step ahead of him, Levi suspects there’s a rat in the woodpile, but who? Could it be someone close to Andi’s father, someone in the FBI, or someone in the family Levi works for? When a new threat appears, and even the CIA can’t help him keep Andi safe, Levi puts everything on the line—but will it be enough?


Series: Black Ops Chronicles

The Mastermind behind Dead Men Don’t:

Pepper O’Neal

Award-winning author, Pepper O’Neal is a researcher, a writer, and an adrenalin junkie. She has a doctorate in education and spent several years in Mexico and the Caribbean working as researcher for an educational resource firm based out of Mexico City. During that time, she met and befriended many adventurers like herself, including former CIA officers and members of organized crime. Her fiction is heavily influenced by the stories they shared with her, as well her own experiences abroad.

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Beyond Believing – An Inspiring Story to Awaken the Heart


Beyond Believing:

An Inspiring Story to Awaken the Heart

D D Marx

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Book Description:

When Olivia gets news of her best friend Dan’s fatal car accident, her life is shattered. Consumed with grief and struggling to find any meaning or purpose to life, she trudges along with a gaping void in her heart. Finally, when her frustration reaches its peak, Olivia decides to put her trust in the depth of friendship the two of them shared. That trust finally allows him to breakthrough to her, and Dan begins to guide Olivia through the twists and turns of her life, leading to something new and entirely unexpected.

When Olivia exposes a gigantic internal scandal at work, her career implodes. With no job and nowhere to turn, she escapes to Palm Springs for the sympathy and care of her beloved cousin, Garrett. However, with only weeks left before the opening of his newest store, “Gin and Tonic,” Garrett isn’t quite the comfort Olivia had expected. She yet again tries to find her way, and in the process meets someone who begins to fill that void in her heart. She’s never before experienced a love like this; it heals her soul and rekindles her spirit – and just may have been the design of her dearly departed friend all along.

Beyond Believing is a sweet, funny, and romantic story that touches the heart, serves up delicious twists and turns, and shows the reader that there’s no such thing as “coincidence.” Author D.D. Marx regards this book as her “love letter to friendship,” written in memory of her best friend, Dan.

The Mastermind behind Beyond Believing:

D.D. Marx

D.D. Marx is an author, blogger and inspired writer for the chick-lit genre. She is a Second City graduate, hopeless romantic, amazingly proud Aunt, a forever friend and life lover.

D.D. Marx came barreling into this world with the “gift of gab”.  Her parents quickly identified a pattern forming when each teacher conference contained the words “she’s a little too social”.  D.D.’s biggest life concern was identifying which boy she’d be chasing at recess rather than mastering math problems. She parlayed this gift into creating play dates on the playground. If friendship were a business, she would be a millionaire. She prides her life on maintaining friends from every walk of life in every corner of the country. This is the fuel that fills her tank.

Graduating with a Communication degree from the University of Dayton, she attempted to break into the world of Public Relations but was instead side-tracked with a J.O.B. At the strong encouragement of her friends and family, who dubbed her a “funny story teller”, she stretched her comfort zone by entering the Second City program in Chicago where her itch for entertainment was finally scratched. Determined to share her story and create a legacy, she decided to combine these talents and become a writer. She returned to her alma-mater to immerse herself in a 3-day writing course where this dream finally came to life. Asked to imagine if she was a super-hero, her task was to dig-deep to describe her special powers. Based on the real-life tragedy of one of her best friends, that answer came without hesitation. All she’s ever wanted was the power to visit with him one last time. This is the inspiration that catapulted her into her debut project titled, the Beyond Series. She dove into a world imagining that he never left.

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Do You Have an Artistic License?

The idea for this story came to Emerian (Emz) Rich in a dream. It is an interesting blend of horror and romance – whoa! 😉 

Emz was a blast to talk with…and if you like horror, she is also the Creator and Horror Hostess of  So, check it out.

In the meantime, listen to our conversation as we talk about Artistic License.



Get your copy. Just click here.


Leslie Marietta is the last known heiress of a palatial estate just south of Los Angeles. When she takes possession of her birthright, sudden creative inspiration allows her to paint alive anything she imagines. Enchantment and wonder transform her life into a fairytale, but as with all fairytales, there is a dark presence. Phantom servants sneak through the house, horrifying shadow creatures threaten to destroy her, and a band of Edwardian house guests are trapped in the walls. Lord Ashton Northing is a man of property and situation, with a duty to his people that could tear him from his new love, Leslie. Can Ashton convince Leslie she is worthy of her legacy in time to save them from the evil that dwells in her house?




Emerian Rich is the author of the vampire series, Night’s Knights. She also writes the musical romance series Sweet Dreams, under the name Emmy Z. Madrigal. Her most recent full length novel, Artistic License, is about a woman who inherits a house were anything she paints on the walls, comes alive. She’s been published in a handful of anthologies by publishers such as Dragon Moon Press, Hidden Thoughts Press, Hazardous Press, and White Wolf Press. Emerian is a horror hostess for the internationally acclaimed podcast,

Emerian Rich was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1973, the only child of pastors. She lived in thirty-two different places by the time she graduated high school. With no siblings and no consistent peer relationships, the pen became an integral part of her life, granting her an inexpensive pastime that she could take with her anywhere. The characters in her stories became her friends and her journal, her only continuous confidant.

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It is a Season of Change

Tumika Patrice Cain was inspired by her own life to write Season of Change.  She is changing lives one word at a time.  In her story, she wants readers to get the message that you do NOT have to stay stuck where you are.  She also wants her audience to recognize that is doesn’t matter what you have been through you can always find opportunities to change your life.



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The stars seemed to have been aligned for Avery and Alicia. From the outside looking in, Lady Luck passed their way and left a fortune! They had a whirlwind, fairytale romance filled with all the little things that make dreams come true, a wedding of grace and beauty, and perfectly magical careers that produced almost enough money to burn. They were the picture-perfect couple.

Unfortunately, time has a way of revealing fissures in what appears to the naked eye as impenetrable. The results send this fairytale romance spiraling out of control.

Avery, as perfect and so right as he seemed, struggles to free himself from his demons. He clings to this delicate relationship that he desperately needs as if his last breath depends on it. Alicia, on the other hand, struggles to make the necessary corrections that will release her from a prison of unexpected, agonizing turmoil.

A novel of enduring strength, undeniable empowerment, and the compelling ability to overcome incredible odds, Season of Change is a powerhouse that will impact readers long after the last words have been read.

Tumika Headshot

Tumika Patrice Cain is an award winning author, poet, radio show host and blogger whose works center around the complexities of the human experience and in uplifting the spirit. She is the host of Living Abundantly with Tumika Patrice Cain and Say What?? Author Spotlights radio shows, as well as the founder of the Say What?? Book Club. An assignment for a second grade class sparked her interest in writing that would quickly become her raison d’etre. As an educator, she wholeheartedly believes that each one should reach one; each one should teach one. When she is not writing, she may be found teaching writer’s workshops, blogging, volunteering, otherwise beautifying the world around her. Tumika’s works can be found in the following anthologies: Voices of 76 Women, Brothers and Others, ShadeTree, and Mirrors; as well as in a number of periodicals, newsletters and magazines. she is a contributing writer for BLOG Magazine and a member of CLASS (Coaches Leaders Aspiring Sisters Successfully). Season of Change is her award winning first novel.

You can find Tumika on Twitter –

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Being Single Led Her to Write

Being single or rather becoming single led her to write.  Linda Bolton is a contemporary romance writer. Her novels include TAKE 2 and Incantation. She says that she loves writing and researching, but the voices in her head do most of the work!

Listen to our conversation now 🙂



Check it out now.




Christina’s life revolved around work. Not because she was so career driven, a good man was just hard to come by.

Tristen’s life was his work. It was easier than a relationship…so were one night stands.

What happens when Christina has to do a story for her magazine on Tristen? Will sparks fly? Will she fall under his spell? Can two people who are so different, living in different states, find love and happiness?

Discover more about Linda Bolton at

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New Date Night Idea – Fun, Playful, Different

Today we are talking to you about our fun new series, Mission Date Night Adventures. These are far more than ebooks.  In fact, each one gives you a new date night idea.  They are fun, playful and different from anything else out there.  Think James Bond.  Think Austin Powers.  Whoa!!  Interesting combination.

The Mission Date Night Adventures series is a fun and exciting way for couples to spend quality time together. Unlike most normal date nights, Mission Date Night Adventures give you many different tasks to complete during your evening out. You get to combine your date night experience with playing the role of spy while taking on a mission.

Each Mission is constructed to throw you into the role of secret agents working together to foil the plot of an evil villain, and along the way you will create a date night that you will not forget.

The first adventure released, Trouble On The High Seas, will have you working against Dr. Stagnant and his nautical efforts to keep relationships boring and dull. With your help the Federation of Relationship Bliss (FRB) can show couples all over the world just how fun and exciting date nights can be. Setting sail in this adventure is just the tip of the iceberg. Complete the assignments from the FRB, and you will be rewarded with an exercise to build your relationship as well as an intimate exercise to connect the two of you like never before.

This mission, should you choose to accept it, will help keep your relationship from just floating along. It will put you in the driver’s seat of a relationship speed boat hurling through the sea of date night excitement.

MDN High Seas

Get your copy now + go on a date night adventure.


Rob and Janelle Alex 2014


Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D. are the co-founders of Mission Date Night and Sexy Challenges. They are the co-hosts of the Mission Date Night podcast, Authors Talk About It podcast and The Spiritual Peak Center podcast. They have been hosting podcasts since 2011. Together they have authored over 125 books including the brand new Mission Date Night Adventures, Sexy Challenges series, the Intimate Adventures series, Collaborate with Your Soul, Inspiring Couples In Business + In Love, and more. Their programs and workshops include Intimate Wealth™, Inner Money Secrets, Sacred + Sexy Power Animals™, Shape of Your Relationship and Transcendent Lovemaking™.

Dr. Janelle uses a blend of movement, spiritual connection, conscious awareness, archetypes, power animals and business tools she has spent the past 25 years helping others connect to their creative energy – their life force energy.  She shows women and couples how to implement unique, yet practical, spiritual tools to make empowered decisions quicker and easier and how to direct their sexual energy (creative energy) so that they can deepen their relationships, generate more money and fulfill their life’s dreams.

Dr. Rob is known as the Guru of Getting It On or “Mr. Frisky” as Janelle calls him.  In 2009, he started writing Sexy Challenges, which are sacred and sensual scenarios for lovers.  After his spiritual awakening in 2010, which happened due to transcendent lovemaking experiences he brought more spiritual perspectives into his work.  He teaches men and couples how to use ancient wisdom to deepen their intimacy, create more sexual energy and direct that sexual energy to develop amazing relationships, manifest more income and live the life of their dreams.

Learn more at


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What is the Heart of Romance?

Brand new author, Sandra Ely shared with us how she loves horror novels and Stephen King. One of her reviewers commented, “‘Hey, Sandra must be a vampire too, otherwise there is no way she can describe with so much detail what a vampire feels.’ So, I guess she is either a vampire or a very good writer.”

During our conversation she shared with us that at the heart of romance is the recognition that everyone has a past, and it is important to let go of the past.  In Kiss of Death, Sandra’s characters have to come to this realization, too, if they want to relish in life and relationship.

kod cover attempt 12


Get your copy today!

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 1.35.27 PM

A stay at home wife and mother of two incredible boys, Sandra Ely enjoys writing fiction dealing with supernatural aspects. She is an up-and-coming new author, specializing in romance, fantasy and horror.

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