When the Sun Shines Through – Entered in 2018 ATAI Book Award Contest

4 Stars

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Mary Edwards-Olson

In Mary Edwards-Olson’s book, When the Sun Shines Through, the author takes readers on a simple journey on a topic that is far from simple. She focuses on helping readers deal with the affects of Alzheimer’s disease in a way that is perfect for young readers. Written as a children’s picture book, When the Sun Shines Through is easy-to-read and gets straight to the heart of the matter, but could just as easily touch the hearts of adult readers, too.

Though there is always creative and artistic license there are some grammatical errors that may deter a few readers. It might be better if the punctuation was correct when it is very obvious in such a simple book. Another area that could be improved upon is how the perspective seems to switch from the child’s point of view to that of an adult who might develop the disease. Then it switches back again. This flip-flopping back and forth in perspectives can be a little confusing and hard to follow.

Overall, When the Sun Shines Through by Mary Edwards-Olson is a fantastic little book to express how important it is to understand Alzheimer’s as best as one can while offering support and compassion for those who have the disease. When the Sun Shines Through is filled with beautiful imagery. The soft edges seem to depict the fringes and fuzzy edges of memory as it comes and goes as it does with the disease. Edwards-Olson’s simple images and simple wording express such a deep and powerful message as it urges compassion, understanding and love. When the Sun Shines Through is highly recommended.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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