Sword of Dragonblood – Entered in 2018 ATAI Book Award Contest

5 Stars

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L.S. Goulet

Sword of Dragonblood is Book One in the Down Dreamer Trilogy, written by L.S. Goulet. A fantastic young adult tale placing the young teenage Darrel Sak on a wild mission to save his father. Along the way, Darrel comes to learn that he and his father are not what he thought. In fact, many people and classmates aren’t either. This first book kicks off an exciting tale that leaves readers anxiously anticipating what will happen next in the series.

There are few to no complaints or concerns with this wonderfully written fantasy. The only real drawback to be found is the cover. It just doesn’t do the story justice. The cover gives the impression the story is younger and more childlike whereas the actual story is a powerful tale of friendship, deep loyalty and bravery. Not only does young Darrel face his own fears and terrifying monsters but he develops a wonderful friendship with Maisy. The only other concern that might be mentioned is that there isn’t a lot written around the down dreaming, which is in the series title. That leaves a reader to wonder a bit and perhaps, feel as though they missed out on an important part of the initial concept.

However, the overall story is quite intriguing from start to finish. It is packed full of action and adventure all while displaying excellent development in the main two characters of Darrel and Maisy. L.S. Goulet has created a fun and exciting new series for young adult readers and started off the journey within the pages of Sword of Dragonblood: Book One of the Down Dreamer Trilogy. For any young adults who love reading fantasy with a smattering of shapeshifting, dragons, ogres and battles, Sword of Dragonblood is an excellent choice.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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