The Naked Philosopher


The Naked Philosopher

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Paul Margolis

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Book Description:

Three years ago, Jack was a brilliant young detective with the LAPD. Now he plays poker to make ends meet, and to forget the horrific event that ended his police career. Out of the blue Jack gets a call from his father Joseph Pearl, a distinguished Harvard professor who is in Los Angeles for a philosophy conference. The two haven’t spoken in years yet Pearl seems anxious to discuss some matter in person, behavior strangely out of character for the emotionally-distant dad who Jack still blames for the family tragedy that tore them apart. But when the philosopher fails to show up and can’t be found, Jack knows something is wrong and feels compelled to find him.

As his shaky detective instincts kick in, Jack tracks down a beautiful yet troubled Yale grad student named Claire who was having a clandestine affair with Pearl. Together they search for the man they both have issues with and uncover secrets and lies in the world of philosophy, including a trail of murder and no shortage of colleagues who wanted Pearl dead. The more Jack risks his life for answers, the more he fights old demons and his growing attraction to Claire. Then just as he learns the shocking truth behind his father’s disappearance, Jack finds himself drawn back into the haunting, unsolved case that got him kicked off the force.

Impossible to put down, THE NAKED PHILOSOPHER is a gut-wrenching, heart-stopping crime thriller about family and revenge that keeps the reader guessing to the very last page.


Wow!  Paul shared some very interesting things in his interview – personally and professionally.  Plus this is a book, you simply won’t be able to put down!

Janelle’s Review:

Paul Margolis has hit a home run with his book, The Naked Philosopher. This is a book that readers just won’t be able to put down, and they’ll be salivating for a sequel! There is a grace and eloquence in the way that Margolis takes the reader on a deep dive into the emotional turmoil of Jack Pearl. Jack, a former LAPD detective, who was recently kicked off the force after being accused of a heinous crime, had grown up feeling a sense of deep rejection from his father Joseph Pearl, a world renowned philosopher. Therefore, Jack was shocked to receive a phone call from his dear old dad one morning requesting they meet for lunch. Lunch never happened though as Joseph never showed nor did he show up for his presentations or debate at the philosophy conference he was attending in Los Angeles. Joseph’s disappearance sent Jack on a roller coaster ride over the next few days as he revealed a number of well-kept secrets while he tried to find his father. As readers near the end of The Naked Philosopher, they will be shocked and wowed at Margolis’ skill as a suspense writer as he brings the story to a masterful close while simultaneously setting the stage for more by leaving Jack in a bit of a conundrum.

The Naked Philosopher is one of the best books I’ve read this year! Paul Margolis brings you philosophy, kidnapping, hidden secrets, murder and heart gripping suspense. Readers never know from one scene to the next what is going to happen. The superbly written chapters are short and concise, but filled with amazing depth and the ability to tease readers into reading the next one and the next one and the next one. The pictures that Margolis paints for readers without really painting the picture allows their own imagination to overflow with details and possibilities. The Naked Philosopher is a suspense, thriller that everyone should have in their personal library! Simply magnificent!

The Mastermind behind The Naked Philosopher:

Paul Margolis

Paul Margolis is an award-winning screenwriterand producer who has worked extensively in both film and television. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three daughters.

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