The Haunting of Black Tower Mansion


The Haunting of Black Tower Mansion

Debra Robison

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Book Description:

Deedsy Cooter’s rundown mansion is haunted by a ghastly spirit who reappears each time tragedy strikes her family. No one knows exactly why the ghost haunts, only her identity: Lucia Ryan. Deedsy believes it somehow involves the century-old feud between her family and the Ryan’s. When Deedsy’s old classmate Nick Ryan returns to town, history is inadvertently recreated, and the dreadful specter shows up along with a series of gruesome murders. A growing suspicion that one horrific event from the past still impacts the present fuels Deedsy’s race to find and destroy the appalling connections between them all. Obsession, possession and the terrifying past stalk the present, and an ancient unpunished evil triggers ghostly revenge in this supernatural thriller.

The Mastermind behind The Haunting of Black Tower Mansion:

Debra Robinson

Debra Robinson is a singer, songwriter and author of seven paranormal novels. She is a sensitive and resides in Northeastern Ohio.

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**The book she wrote about her son is A Haunted Life: The True Ghost Story of a Reluctant Psychic.  

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Halloween Special w/President of Horror Writers Association


Halloween Special!!!

President of Horror Writers Association, StokerCon 2016 &

Ghosts: A Haunted History


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Key Points:

  • Dean Koontz was the first Horror Writers Assoc. President!
  • There is a strange relationship between horror and comedy.
  • The HWA is really like a family as there is a lot of camaraderie in the association.
  • Members (new writers) can even get a professional horror writer as a mentor for one year!
  • Debut of StokerCon 2016 in Las Vegas
  • Where did Halloween even come from?
  • Discussion of Lisa’s book, Ghosts: A Haunted History

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Book Description:

Ghosts Haunted

From that cheerful puff of smoke known as Casper to the hunkiest potter living or dead, Sam Wheat, there is probably no more iconic entity in supernatural history than the ghost. And these are just recent examples. From the earliest writings such as the Epic of Gilgamesh to today’s ghost-hunting reality TV shows, ghosts have chilled the air of nearly every era and every culture in human history. In this book, Lisa Morton uses her scholarly prowess—more powerful than any proton pack—to wrangle together history’s most enduring ghosts into an entertaining and comprehensive look at what otherwise seems to always evade our eyes.

Tracing the ghost’s constantly shifting contours, Morton asks the most direct question—What exactly is a ghost?—and examines related entities such as poltergeists, wraiths, and revenants. She asks how a ghost is related to a soul, and she outlines all the different kinds of ghosts there are. To do so, she visits the spirits of the classical world, including the five-part Egyptian soul and the first haunted-house, conceived in the Roman playwright Plautus’s comedy, Mostellaria. She confronts us with the frightening phantoms of the Middle Ages—who could incinerate priests and devour children—and reminds us of the nineteenth-century rise of Spiritualism, a religion essentially devoted to ghosts. She visits with the Indian bhuta and goes to the Hungry Ghost Festival in China, and of course she spends time in Mexico, where ghosts have a particularly strong grip on belief and culture. Along the way she gathers the ectoplasmic residues seeping from books and film reels, from the Gothic novel The Castle of Otranto to the 2007 blockbuster Paranormal Activity, from the stories of Ann Radcliffe to those of Stephen King.

Wide-ranging, informative, and slicked with over fifty unearthly images, Ghosts is an entertaining read of a cultural phenomenon that will delight anyone, whether they believe in ghosts or not.

The Mastermind behind Ghosts: A Haunted History:

Lisa Morton

Lisa Morton is a screenwriter, author of non-fiction books, award-winning prose writer, and Halloween expert whose work was described by the American Library Association’s Readers’ Advisory Guide to Horror as “consistently dark, unsettling, and frightening”. Her most recent releases include Ghosts: A Haunted History and the short story collection Cemetery Dance Select: Lisa Morton. She currently serves as President of the Horror Writers Association and can be found online at


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Do You Have an Artistic License?

The idea for this story came to Emerian (Emz) Rich in a dream. It is an interesting blend of horror and romance – whoa! 😉 

Emz was a blast to talk with…and if you like horror, she is also the Creator and Horror Hostess of  So, check it out.

In the meantime, listen to our conversation as we talk about Artistic License.



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Leslie Marietta is the last known heiress of a palatial estate just south of Los Angeles. When she takes possession of her birthright, sudden creative inspiration allows her to paint alive anything she imagines. Enchantment and wonder transform her life into a fairytale, but as with all fairytales, there is a dark presence. Phantom servants sneak through the house, horrifying shadow creatures threaten to destroy her, and a band of Edwardian house guests are trapped in the walls. Lord Ashton Northing is a man of property and situation, with a duty to his people that could tear him from his new love, Leslie. Can Ashton convince Leslie she is worthy of her legacy in time to save them from the evil that dwells in her house?




Emerian Rich is the author of the vampire series, Night’s Knights. She also writes the musical romance series Sweet Dreams, under the name Emmy Z. Madrigal. Her most recent full length novel, Artistic License, is about a woman who inherits a house were anything she paints on the walls, comes alive. She’s been published in a handful of anthologies by publishers such as Dragon Moon Press, Hidden Thoughts Press, Hazardous Press, and White Wolf Press. Emerian is a horror hostess for the internationally acclaimed podcast,

Emerian Rich was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1973, the only child of pastors. She lived in thirty-two different places by the time she graduated high school. With no siblings and no consistent peer relationships, the pen became an integral part of her life, granting her an inexpensive pastime that she could take with her anywhere. The characters in her stories became her friends and her journal, her only continuous confidant.

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Always ready to open another book,

Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D.

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Twisted – View Horror Stories in a Whole New Light

Do you like horror stories?  I, Janelle, admit I like suspense, but I have never been a big fan of horror or scary stories.  However, when we sat down with Michaelbrent Collings he certainly twisted my view 😉  In fact, he helped me view horror stories in a whole new light.  I am not saying I am going to run out (or jump on my Kindle) and start filling my library with horror, but I will no longer simply turn away from it just because of the genre.

I guess I feel a bit embarrassed that I had shunned horror for the most part until this conversation.  Now the psychologist in me is fired up and I want to not only talk to more horror writers, but I want to read more of their work.  Of course, this doesn’t outweigh my favorite genres, but I can’t express enough how this one author shifted my perspective.

If you like horror, you will LOVE Michaelbrent.  If you don’t like horror, then I still tell you that you will LOVE Michaelbrent and this interview.

This is a MUST listen to show today!



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What is this particular book about?

The Douglas family just wants to live their lives, and maybe find a bit of happiness. But when the ghost in their home breaks out of a centuries-long sleep, all hope for happiness will die. Because the thing that haunts them is not just evil… It is something much, much worse. Watching them from the shadows. Hungry to start killing once more. And thirsty for the blood of the children, the blood he has so long been denied. The thing that haunts them is not just evil. It is twisted.


Michaelbrent Collings is an internationally bestselling novelist, a #1 bestseller in the U.S., and has been one of Amazon’s top selling horror writers for years. He is one of the most successful indie horror writers in the United States, as well as a produced screenwriter and member of the Writer’s Guild of America, Horror Writers of America, and several other writing groups.  Discover more at


Pondering…and shaking in our boots,

Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D.

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