And Nothing But the Tooth – Entered in 2017 ATAI Book Award Contest

4 Stars

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Dr. Carroll James

And Nothing but the Tooth is the third installment of Dr. Carroll James’ Tooth Is Stranger Than Fiction series, in which he recounts his many humorous adventures in dentistry. From an awkward missionary trip to the whacky “emergencies” of his clients, Dr. James shares story after hilarious story in this unique memoir.

At times, And Nothing but the Tooth can be a bit difficult to follow, as the timeline is often unclear. Rather than a linear, orderly memoir, this book seems to be more of a random re-telling of any and all funny (and sometimes unrelated) memories that popped into Dr. James’ head. While each tale is, indeed, well-told and interesting, the lack of order in its development does occasionally distract from the book’s content. It is not necessarily detrimental to the overall book, but it does result in some awkward or seemingly rushed changes in topic.

Despite this, And Nothing but the Tooth is a spectacular read, full of spot-on humor and tales that almost seem too crazy to be true. Dr. Carroll James writes in a conversational, lighthearted tone, yet with an abundance of creativity that makes this book almost read more like great fiction than a memoir. Each scene, character, and subtle joke is colorful, descriptive, and phenomenally written, making for a most captivating read. An insanely entertaining and page-turning adventure, And Nothing but the Tooth miraculously manages to make dentistry—of all things!—exciting and wildly funny. This is a most worthwhile read—and almost guaranteed to make you want to switch your dentist after reading it.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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