The Everett File – Entered in the 2017 ATAI Book Award Contest

5 Stars

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Steven A. Moore

Steven A. Moore has crafted a fabulously interesting fictional novel in The Everett File: The Gooey Gospel of Truthy Goodness. It is unlike a normal fiction story as it brings to light paranormal spiritual occurrences surrounding catholicism. Told from the perspective of Raymond, the main character, he is shocked to discover, well into his adult life, that two of his closest friends hold deep secrets. The paranormal events that begin to occur blow him away at first until he can no longer deny that they are truly happening. The spiritual and paranormal abilities that he encounters are often mentioned within catholicism, but they are typically rejected in modern times. Raymond and his friends are being called upon to help protect a very powerful individual along with the secrets that they themselves hold. That request from beyond forces them to make life changing decisions.

The Everett File moves quickly, but the pacing is pretty well maintained throughout. Moore does an excellent job keeping the reader entertained and urged to turn the page. Readers can easily become wrapped up in this story no matter what their spiritual beliefs are. What if the Shroud of Turin really exists? What if one could get their hands on a piece of the cross Jesus was said to be crucified on? Would these items give special powers to the one who holds said item? Moore offers readers an opportunity to be quite entertained while developing fascinating spiritual questions in their minds. The mysteries keep coming from start to finish in The Everett File, but Moore wraps it all up in a very tidy way that still has readers turning pages all the way through the epilogue. Well done.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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