Sky of Dreams – Entered in 2018 Book Award Contest

4 Stars

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Robert A Cozzi

In Sky of Dreams, Robert A. Cozzi presents a collection of poems and prose anecdotes dealing with themes of love, loss, nature, and life. The poems portray the natural world and intimate relationships, while the prose vignettes provide a peek at the author’s remembrances of childhood.

Sky of Dreams suffers from a general lack of organization or structure. The poems do not appear to be organized in any particular order; they may very well be presented in the order in which they were written. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this approach, the collection comes off as haphazard and disorganized. Organizing the collection more deliberately, or making what organization there is clear, would help make the collection feel complete and polished. Additionally, some of the poems in the collection are presented in different fonts than the majority of the pieces and there is no apparent creative reason for this. If this is an intentional choice, indicating in some way why the choice was made would help clear up any confusion the reader experiences. Otherwise, it comes off as sloppy.

Cozzi displays a command of language that takes his work to another level. The descriptive nature of his work is very evocative, particularly in the pieces that focus on nature. The author pours so much of himself into his work. The reader cannot help but come away from Sky of Dreams with a sense of the author himself. Cozzi’s short prose pieces convey the reality of childhood experiences while also demonstrating a struggle for understanding that continues into adulthood. Sky of Dreams by Robert A. Cozzi is a short poetry collection that serves as a reflection of one man’s life. Readers looking for a contemplative look at life and loss through the lens of nature and childhood may find much to like here.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.


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