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5 Stars

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Miki Bennett

Author Miki Bennett has done it again.  Her third book in the Florida Keys Romance series takes readers to a place where they can feel the salt on their skin, the wind on their face, sand on their toes and sweet romance in their heart.  In Run Away to the Keys, Garrett Holmes and Skylar Cartwright find love on the waters of the Florida Keys, but Skylar’s family doesn’t view Garrett as being a good fit for her.  Not only does Skylar’s family oppose their relationship, but Garrett’s assistant does her best to drive the two ocean loving sweethearts apart.  Bennett writes of Garrett’s lack of confidence and how he pushes away from Skylar due to the high expectations her family holds.  Whether or not the two can overcome the challenges her family creates for each of them remains to be seen.

As always with Miki Bennett’s Florida Keys Romance novels, she has spun a wonderful and praiseworthy romance.  The style of the author’s writing is gentle and wholesome, yet funny and provacative in an inspirational and artistic sort of way.  Readers can easily feel as though they are actually out on the water with Skylar as they root for her to prove her competence as a boat captain and business woman.  Bennett makes falling in love with Garrett exceptionally easy as well.  Furthermore, she does a very good job of weaving characters in between her books, so readers get to experience a bit more from beloved characters from other books in the series.

Run Away to the Keys is another exceptionally well-written novel in the series.  For those who want to escape to the ocean while enjoying a beautiful love story, then this book is for you. 

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