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  1. Ernie Lijoi Sr.

    Hi Guys,
    Happy New Year to your families and your staff.
    Just thought that you may like to know that the ESCAPE CHANEL did two half hour shows about some of my cases for TV.
    The first show will be aired on January 21st 2017 named STOLEN BONDS…
    The second She is not scheduled yet Named: Operation Citizen Band
    They wish to do more shows next season as well.
    The program is called … “DEEP UNDERCOVER” a nation wide TV show.
    Info on the show can be found at: and at
    These stories are found in my books. I believe both are in Street Business II and in Street Business. People seem to be enjoying my books. We are also working on a Movie and a TV show both from my books.
    Again Happy New Year,
    Ernie Lijoi Sr. the unknown detective.
    AKA: Eddie Pannoni the well know drug dealer and gun runner…

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