Get Podcast Interviews [5 of 105 Ways to Promote Your Book]

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Get Podcast Interviews

[5 of 105 Ways to Promote Your Book]

Getting podcast interviews has a lot of benefits for you.  In fact, those benefits reach beyond any potential book sales you might get from being on the show. Here are just three benefits.

Expand Your Reach

When you’re a guest (or possibly a co-host) on someone’s podcast you gain access to their audience. This means you are expanding your reach and people, who may never have heard of you otherwise, will not hear about you but from you. This certainly makes every podcast you can get on worth your while. The size of the podcast doesn’t even matter. You just never know who might be listening or who knows who.

Build Your Crediblity

The more you’re interviewed the more credible you become. People may hear you in numerous places, but even just being able to say you’ve been interviewed x number of times helps place you in a position of authority. For example, Rob and I have been interviewed somewhere around 120 times. That’s impressive to many people even though to us it’s just old hat 😉

Build Your Confidence

The more you speak about your book, the more you’re interviewed or put on the spot about your writing style, writing process, characters, topic, etc. the more comfortable you become in such situations. This boost to you confidence can come in handy in many instances – especially if you’re looking to do presentations around the topic of your book.

These extra benefits will help you increase the chances of selling more books!

Many different ideas when marketing your book

There are so many ideas when it comes to marketing your book.  If you’d like to see all 105 Ways to Promote Your Book, grab the free pdf of it now! Click here.

Get creative with the possiblities! And, have fun with your marketing!!


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