Paying Victory’s Price


Paying Victory’s Price

Roger Lambert

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Book Description:

In Paying Victory’s Price, Roger Lambert challenges the reader to determine what victories and successes they desire in their life. Upon making this determination, he exhorts them to identify and develop a dream that will serve as their motivating force, to push them on toward their goals. At the same time this book focuses the attention of the reader, on the fact that all things worth having or accomplishing carry their own individual price tag.

Writing in a down to earth and enjoyable style, Roger Lambert gives insight and advice on how to remain committed to your desired success, while paying the necessary price to bring your victory to fruition.

He provides helpful tools and informative ideas in such ways as:
• Sharing desired, success skills.
• Methods of developing and improving success skills.
• Personal stories derived from over a quarter century of coaching basketball at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels.
• Remarkable stories of successful people, who overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve their victory.

Paying Victory’s Price, is a must read for business owners, professionals, coaches, athletes, musicians, students, and many others. People of all ages and from all walks of life, find the success stories of others in this book rewarding and beneficial to their own success. The inspiring accounts of ordinary people, who endured great trials and tribulation on their journey to success, provide inspiration to the reader who is experiencing similar difficulties as they seek their personal victory.

The Mastermind behind Paying Victory’s Price:

Roger Lambert

Roger Lambert is the author and self-publisher of the motivational book, “Paying Victory’s Price.” Despite being legally blind for the past 40 years Lambert enjoyed a 27 year career as basketball coach of both boys and girls at levels from elementary basketball to assistant varsity coach, in his hometown of Allegan, Michigan. He received an award from the Wolverine Conference of Southwest Michigan for 20 years of consecutive service. Lambert also has 20 years of experience in retail sales, as well as ten years experience in network marketing.

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