Night Walker – Entered in 2018 ATAI Book Award Contest – Thriller

4 Stars

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Aaron L. Speer

Night Walker by Aaron L. Speer is the first book in the Undeadly Secrets series. Night Walker tells the story of Alex, a young twenty-something school teacher living in Sydney, Australia. Alex’s life takes a turn for the bizarre after a fateful trip to the hottest nightclub in town, T. While there she meets the owner of the club, the mysterious Dante Delavega. She soon finds herself immersed in a world she thought only existed in fiction.

Night Walker, though strong in many ways, struggles a bit with pacing. The novel places a heavy emphasis on plot and action, which is not inherently a negative characteristic. In this case however, the plot takes priority over character development and introspection. Oftentimes Alex functions as a character simply getting through the events as they unfold, with very little reflection on the things that have occurred. This has the effect of speeding up the pace of the novel to an uncomfortable degree. These pacing issues could be avoided by spending just a little more time with the characters. Doing so would help the developing relationships between Alex, Michelle, and Dante feel more organic and convincing.

Despite these issues, Night Walker is an engrossing read! An excellent addition to the already vibrant world of paranormal fiction. Speer does an excellent job of utilizing existing vampire mythology and adapting it to the needs of his story. Likewise, the inclusion of historical anecdotes serves only to enhance the world that Speer has built. The novel is written in a very approachable way, making it an excellent choice for an easy, quick, thoroughly entertaining read. Readers who can’t get enough vampire tales, love a bit of tension, or are looking for a quick, exciting read will certainly enjoy Night Walker by Aaron L. Speer!

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