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5 Stars

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Julie Hodgson

Author Julie Hodgson has crafted a very unusual romance novel in All You Need is Love and a Big Handbag.  This humorous story follows the lives of Maggie and Jack.  Having been sort of a nerd in college, Maggie fell in love with the very popular Jack Spalding.  She was able to catch his eye and eventually they married.  However, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses.  Fifteen years into their marriage, it seemed that Jack might be having an affair.  Maggie’s personal investigation led to a lot of twists and turns.  It even introduced her to a shabby pay-by-the-hour hotel and a variety of other experiences that she never knew were or could be a part of her life.    

All You Need is Love and a Big Handbag is a fast paced, fantastic story.  Hodgson writes in a way that keeps readers interested, turning pages and on the edge of their seats as they can’t wait to see what happens next.  The characters are downright fascinating.  Maggie’s insecurities are depicted well, but she busts through them as she wants to discover the truth.  The author’s storyline gives a breath of fresh air to the stereotypical romance novels that are on the book store shelves today.  I truly enjoyed it from the very first scene.  Julie Hodgson will have readers laughing out loud at the antics and hilarious situations throughout the book.  For those who enjoy romance novels and would love to read something a little different, I highly recommend reading All You Need is Love and a Big Handbag.    

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