The Miss-Adventures of a Cosmo Bachelor

The Call of the Wild inspired him. Michael Modzelewski (an Oprah repeat guest) wanted to experience life in a different way.  He was in search of wilderness.  What would that mean for him.  Shortly after deciding he want to find out he was on his way to Alaska.

He was not prepared, and really had no idea how to survive in the wild.  In fact, he had only been camping two times in his life prior to his excursion.  He ended up in a tiny cabin trying to live from day-to-day.  His first winter there he went 67 days without seeing another person!  He told us that he was scared every day.

Obviously, he did survive and learned to not ask how to survive, but instead to let nature ask the questions. Profound…

When he flew back to New York he “felt like a martian landing on Earth for the first time.” More than that though, Cosmopolitan had named him bachelor of the month, and he had 5000 letters from women waiting on him to read them.  Did this single man (at the time) over indulge in after being around no women for two years?  Yep.  But, he also ended up meeting the love of his life!  We were so touched during our conversation with him when he spoke of his wife, Pamela.  The love simply poured through the airwaves.

Read about his amazing adventures…he had some wild ones.


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Michael Modzelewski is a Correspondent/Co-Host for EarthWise — the anchor TV show on the Outdoor Life channel, featuring all the powers and nuances of the Natural World. Michael is a roving Correspondent for the national radio show The Good Life, reporting from the field on his adventures all over the world.

After living “date-less” on the wild island, upon returning to civilization, Michael was startled to find he was chosen Cosmopolitan Magazine’s “Bachelor-of-The-Month” and AlaskaMen Magazine’s centerfold story (keeping his pants & parka on, but getting a staple through his navel). After receiving 5,000 letters from women around the world, he married one of the correspondents. Michael’s latest book, WILD LIFE: THE MISS–ADVENTURES OF A COSMO BACHELOR is attracting rave reviews from everyone except his mother.

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