Meow, Meow, Meow – No more prissy kitty. Bond with your Cat.

People consistently make laughing remarks about cats and their haughty little attitudes. Have you seen this video clip?  Whether you love cats or not, this video has been quite popular and is quite funny.

Anne Purchase-Walker may hear meow, meow, meow every day, but she has learned how to bond with her cats in a way that has relieved any stress they may experience as well as her own stress.  She wants others to know how to best relate to their kitties, so they too can experience a wonderful friendship and pet-parent relationship.

One of the keys that she shared during our conversation was that cats love routine. Therefore, it is important for them that you create stability rituals.  They don’t handle chaos well and need to have a sense of balance in their little hearts and heads.  Ah, isn’t this true for many humans as well, and we all would fair far better if we had that same sense of balance.

At Anne’s request, I reached out to a local cat rescue here in Colorado Springs, Colorado (Happy Cats Haven) and donated the book after our interview.  I took Boegley (our youngest little guy) with me.  He and a beautiful long-haired black kitty named Vincent fell in love with each other. No, we didn’t bring him home – Daddy isn’t a cat person 🙂  But, we did get to spend some wonderful moments with him.

Cats Cover

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Photo kay Goddard

From Anne Purchase-Walker’s site:

Walking with Cats ~ creating a bond for life is our book. After decades of building therapeutic bonds with human clients to help them overcome their problems, I retired as a cognitive behaviour therapist. I rescued Piper, a handsome tuxedo and Leo, a gorgeous black cat; father and son and turned my attention to creating a close relationship with my feline companions. Walking with Cats – creating a bond for life, traces our journey of understanding. With the help of Piper and Leo, and wonderful black and white photographs by Kay Goddard and me, our heart-warming and informative book makes it easy for you to bond with your cat.

We support saving animals,

Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D.

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