Meet Our Team

Meet the ATAI Team

Janelle Cooper, Ph.D.

Founder and Executive Director of Authors Talk About It and former co-host of ATAI podcast.  Using transpersonal, yet practical tools, her passion is helping women discover that “something that’s missing” in their lives and coach them in writing a powerful book, so they can create personal freedom and create the positive change they want to see in the world.  Learn more about Janelle by clicking here.

Coral Coons

An excellent writer and accomplished editor, Coral Coons has been using her skills and abilities to help others for the past several years. Her passion for writing and literature led her to began studying her craft as young as 11-years-old by taking writing workshops. She continued her studies of English and literature extensively through college. Her phenomenal skills helped her obtain a position as senior editor for Millenial Youth magazine. She later switched to freelancing, during which time she wrote and edited everything from full-length novels and short stories to real estate listings and even eulogies. As a book reviewer, critic, and editor, Coral is now a senior team member of Authors Talk About It. When it comes to an honest, professional opinion, she doesn’t just toss out fluff and sunshine. She tells authors the way she really sees it; thereby, creating opportunities for deeper growth and improvement in their writing and in their books.

Rob Alex

Former co-host of ATAI podcast.  He is the Affiliate Manager for Authors Talk About It.  He helps authors, book bloggers and author/writing organizations earn an income while spreading the news about ATAI. 

Other ATAI Team Members

A. Venters

R. Rader