Are You Living a False Life – Oz Behind the Curtain?


She had had a corporate career.  She had homeschooled her daughter.  Then she hit mid-life.  Uh oh!  What to do then?  Maura Sweeney decided to jump off and do something new! It doesn’t matter your own – you can expand your life and start it a new journey.  Those journeys can be exceptionally rewarding.

Is it possible that you are living a false life?

No one should lead a false life.  No one should become Oz behind the curtain.  So, Maura created her The Art of Happiness series to help others be who they really are.


Maura book coverGet you copy of this first book in the series.

One of the biggest challenges Maura faced on this journey was being so transparent in her writing.  The more she writes the more open she becomes though!


Passionate about life, people and finding what’s best in us all, Maura Sweeney shares her musings through podcasts, blogs, videos and her ebook series – The Art of Happiness.

A graduate of Boston College who has traveled to over 40 foreign countries, Maura provides thoughtful content that inspires others to discover happiness and authentic living – from the inside out.

A former corporate manager and home schooling mom, she’s currently enjoying her third act as both entrepreneur and best selling publisher.

Maura and her husband Jim live on Florida’s Gulf coast. Happily married for over 30 years, they work together on MIKE Sports Comic Books and have one daughter, an international journalist living in London.

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Seeing ourselves to be ourselves,
Drs. Rob + Janelle Alex, Ph.D.

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