Lighten Up: Harness the Power of Happiness


Lighten Up:

Harness the Power of Happiness

Bob Lancer

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Book Description:

Putting off happiness is all that keeps you feeling unhappy, unsuccessful, depressed, discouraged, angry, deprived or insecure. This book shows you how to accept happiness now, and how happiness empowers you to create the conditions in life that you have been unhappily counting on to bring you happiness.

The Mastermind behind Lighten Up:

Bob Lancer

For nearly 3 decades Bob Lancer been empowering couples and individuals to achieve their relationship goals through his inspiring Keynotes, Workshops and Coaching.

His 3 best selling books include:

  • Lighten Up!
  • The Soulmate Process
  • Parenting With Love

His upcoming book is about breakup recovery, titled: I May Have Been Dumped, But I’m Not Garbage.  Bob specializes in helping us remove the toxic communication and mindst patterns that prevent us from experiencing all of the love our heart desires.

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to subscribe to Authors Talk About It via iTunes and get your copy of Lighten Up.

The question remains – Will you accept your mission?

Rob and Janelle

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