Lexie: From Kitty to Cat – Entered in 2018 ATAI Book Award Contest

5 Stars

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Louise. S.G. 

Lexie: From Kitty to Cat in Barnyard Adventures, written by author Louise S. G., is a children’s story of a beautiful black cat who is quite frightened about her new move. She has no friends and feels afraid as she is so tiny. Eventually, she finds more courage and begins to make friends. With support from friends, Lexie finds her way and discovers a sense of comfort and pride in the end.

As a picture book, Lexie: From Kitty to Cat in Barnyard Adventures, is cute, but some of the images inside the book seem to be cut and pasted together. If the photographs had more fluidity to them, they would be more appealing. The cutting and pasting of the imagery makes the book feel unprofessional. The font is quite large, which can be nice on one hand, but it pushes nearly to the edges of the pages. It might be more pleasing to the eye if the font was smaller and allowed for the pages to have larger margins.

With that being said, the overall concept of Louise S. G.’s book, Lexie: From Kitty to Cat in Barnyard Adventures, is a sweet book that can inspire young children and school age children who are entering into new situations – be that a new school, new community, new church, or something else – to trust that things will improve for them and help them calm their nerves. This heartwarming tale can help them understand to appreciate the differences of others as well as embrace the idea that their new venture is just an exploratory journey in life.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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