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Just 2 Choices: It’s That Simple

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Open the door to one of life’s greatest little secrets—that your point of power is in EVERY choice. Just 2 Choices shows how to transform your everyday, ORDINARY choices into EXTRAORDINARY choices every day—so you can live that EXTRAORDINARY life that you desire… choice by choice by choice. Contains the original, breakthrough, full-color graphics about choice to rapidly accelerate personal growth with instant “I get it!” insights into the quality of your everyday choices. Full-color charts, diagrams and scales—such as the Emotional-Vibrational Color Scale® and Vibrational Tune-up System™—provide immediate, clear, uplifting feedback that shows step-by-step how to make each choice to create the great life that you want in health, wealth, relationships, career and more! Just 2 Choices is a guidebook for everyone—a blueprint for understanding the power of every choice and a roadmap to manifesting the great life that you desire!

Rico Racosky

Whether at the controls of a F16 jet fighter–or now at the controls of a sophisticated jet airliner, Rico Racosky knows that every flight choice he makes is based on one of two choices. He may make multiple split-second decisions as he evaluates the instruments in front of him that show the aircraft’s immediate performance of speed, altitude, and navigation, yet each choice he makes ultimately comes down to a “yes” or “no” input decision based on just two choices. From Rico‘s point of view, all  of life is choice and happens at the speed of choice–a perspective he recently shared at Harvard University as a “choice expert” thought leader guest speaker to Harvard Business School’s Entrepreneurship Clubs.
Choice is the heart of his unique and vital new book, Just 2 Choices…It Is Your Life, which is the forefront of what promises to be a global movement, the “Choice Revolution™.” The book uses a simple, step-by-step system of thought that shows people how to instantly transform their daily, ordinary choices into those powerful extra-ordinary choices that create an extraordinary life! Just 2 Choices un-complicates and demystifies “choice” and shines the bright light of crystal clear thinking to illuminate a path to success for the reader. After all, what keeps most people stuck in life is failing to make Conscious YES Choices, thus allowing their default choice–the NO choice, the one representing the “same old choice” –to continue to run their lives over and over every day.


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