Hidden Tears to Healing – Entered in 2017 ATAI Book Award Contest

5 Stars

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Penny B. Price

Hidden Tears to Healing is Penny B. Price’s autobiographical memoir about her struggles with depression. After a tumultuous family life, her father’s tragic suicide, and a seemingly irreversible flood of sadness, Price was dragged down the rabbit hole of grief and mental illness. However, through treatment, support, and sheer resilience, she came out on top and shares her story in this touching memoir.

Hidden Tears to Healing is a book about the author, but then again, it isn’t at all. Though she shares many of her own personal stories, Penny B. Price shifts the focus away from her in a remarkably selfless way. Instead, she spends the majority of this “memoir” discussing statistics, treatment possibilities, and encouraging words of wisdom for other readers who may be experiencing the same things she did. Rather than just spit out her own life story and call it a day, Price uses her platform to educate and uplift readers who are in a position that she once was herself. Her gentle, “Hey, I’ve been there” tone is not only effective, but also incredibly heartwarming and easy to relate to.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Hidden Tears to Healing is that it consistently acts as a helping hand, subtly and appropriately extending almost motherly advice to the reader. Many times, Penny B. Price interrupts her own narrative to share tips about depression and suicide awareness, as well as a plethora of real and helpful resources that readers can reach out to if needed. Though her own personal recollections and her exploration of the causes of mental illness are captivating and interesting to read, it’s really Price’s loving, knowledgeable guidance that steals the show—in the best way possible. Hidden Tears to Healing is a remarkable, poignant, riveting book that is a must-read for readers of any walk of life; there is a priceless value to be found in the peace of support and recovery, and Penny B. Price captures that sentiment perfectly.


Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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