Heaven Scent – Entered in 2017 Book Award Contest

4 Stars

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Virginia Alison

A highly unique romance novel, Virginia Alison’s Heaven Scent is sure to stir readers in one way or another. Sexy Texas cowboy, Evan falls for blonde, blue-eyed author, Ginny. Their steamy love affair and out-of-this-world attraction for one another drives the two of them to extreme measures to not only find one another but to have a chance at a life-time of love. The two experience surprises and shocks from start to finish.

Though based in modern-day Texas, Heaven Scent kicks off in a confusing way, which may lead readers to believe it is in a time in the past. The confusion continues for a chapter or two before it becomes more clear. Often times, the story has gaps that add another layer of confusion to the mix. More depth to the supporting characters could’ve been beneficial. Alison does display a quick temper in Evan and a some levels of reckless abandon as well as strength in Ginny -all of this done through their actions and words. There are numerous instances of grammatical errors and occasionally missed words, but Ginny and Evan’s sexy scenes may override those potentially annoying mistakes.

Heaven Scent is the first book in a trilogy of steamy romance novels, and with the way this story ends it will certainly leave readers wondering what will happen next. They’ll be anxiously awaiting to learn more about the other characters that Viriginia Alison may bring forward. There is no question that Heaven Scent is hot and sexy almost from the very beginning. Alison created two headstrong and inviting characters in this steamy romance while weaving in a sprinkling of the paranormal. This fascinating blending of love, romance, sex and hint of the metaphysical encourages readers to keep turning pages until the very end -an ending they absolutely won’t expect.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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  • I will say a big thank you for this critique. It was my first book in the series, five years ago, and I admit, not the best in terms of grammar. I found numerous mistakes when I read it through the other day and is now on my list for a new edit. You will be pleased to hear that as I progressed with the series, the grammar improved, thankfully!!
    However, I am delighted you enjoyed the read. If I can stir just one person’s emotions with a book, I have done my job.

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