Hearing His Voice – Entered in 2017 ATAI Book Award Contest

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Meredith Swift

In Hearing His Voice: Meeting Jesus in the Garden of Promise, Meredith Swift shares her illuminating encounters with Jesus Christ. In the sanctuary of her own personal “Garden of Promise,” Swift found her faith in her Savior; she shares her profound discoveries with the world in Hearing His Voice.

Though certainly interesting, Hearing His Voice is a bit odd in terms of general construction and development. Much of the book consists of a one-sided “conversation” with Jesus, which the author/narrator does not respond to, elaborate on, or give context for. Occasionally, there is a beautiful description of the imaginary “Garden of Promise,” but the rest of the book is just Jesus talking to the author. This format can be confusing sometimes; it is unclear if Hearing His Voice is meant to be a motivational self-help book through Jesus, a religious memoir, or a work of fiction about what Meredith Swift imagined Jesus would say to her during difficult times in her life. This ambiguity and lack of context makes the entire book perhaps not as effective as it could be.

Nevertheless, Hearing His Voice is certainly an invaluable illustration of faith and love for the Lord. Meredith Swift writes with eloquence and vivid imagery, making her words—and Jesus’—resonate deeply with the reader. There is also an abundant supply of poignant advice to be found in this book, spoken through Jesus’ voice and in a manner that would be incredibly relatable to anyone who reads it. Hearing His Voice: Meeting Jesus in the Garden of Promise is powerful and touching, uplifting and inspirational, gentle and loving—and above all, full of light and promise through the eyes and words of Jesus Christ.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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