Former Deep Cover Investigator Writes True Crime

We want to thank Ernie again for his wonderful conversation with us.  But, even more we want to honor him for the scary, yet thrilling, work he has done in the world to protect and serve others!

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Ernesto Lijoi (Lajoy) writes under the name Ernie Lijoi Sr., my site is He was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY on in 1943 of Italian decent. He was a Police Patrolman for the Transit Authority back in the 1970’s in Boston, Massachusetts. After a specific arrest of a suspect for narcotics, he was asked to take a 30 day job as a Deep Cover Investigator for a larger City in Massachusetts. This job required a new identity, Eddie Pannoni. Because of the expertise that he acquired, he was still doing the same job under the guise of Eddie Pannoni 18 years later. He had a very interesting and exciting career. In 1980 Sonny Grasso and Eddie Eagan came to see him (Known for the French Connection Movie and others). They wanted to do a book about his career. By that time, he had the two contracts on my life. He refused the book because of the never ending work that he had to finish. Since his retirement people are always asking about his experiences throughout his career as a DCI (DEEP COVER INVESTIGATOR). At age 65, he decided to write the first book named “Street Business” with Mr. Larry Matthews. It was published a few months after it was written. Now at 72, he has published 13 books! His books are based on fact although told in a fictional manner with location and names changed. You may read more about him at

He now lives in Florida although this work took place in many states. He worked with The FBI, ATF and DEA as a deep cover detective. He has enough material (newspaper clipping, reports, etc.) for at least a hundred or more books. He worked narcotics, murders, robberies and more. He was always on the inside of these jobs as a deep cover operative!

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