Fire and Ice – Entered 2017 ATAI Book Award Contest

4 Stars

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Jessica Victoria Fisette

The first book in Jessica Victoria Fisette’s The Aldurian Chronicles, Fire and Ice follows teenaged Allie as she struggles to cope with her boyfriend’s mysterious disappearance. All that she remembers is a destructive fire, totaling her car over the Asher Creek bridge, and the mysterious stranger who saved her. Then, more strange things begin to happen, causing Allie to have to flee for her life—but there are secrets in store for her that could change everything.

In many ways, Fire and Ice reads more like the second book in the series than an adequate introduction into it all. Although plenty of fascinating events happened before Fire and Ice begins, the reader is only treated to those events through intercutting flashback scenes and spoken memories, which interrupts the plot and can lead to a fair bit of confusion. Perhaps the inclusion of an earlier book in The Aldurian Chronicles—or even just a prologue in Fire and Ice—would have made this book progress a bit more smoothly. Also, the plot development of the story in Fire and Ice seems a bit uneven; some scenes drag on forever while others are over too quickly, and the reader is left with too many questions.

However, Fire and Ice is most certainly a worthwhile read. Jessica Victoria Fisette expertly blends fantasy, science fiction, and young adult fiction into this fascinating novel. Her mysterious, descriptive style of writing only adds to the experience, making Fire and Ice even more memorable and enchanting. With a captivating, unique plot and relatable, multi-faceted characters, Fire and Ice shows a great deal of promise for its future sequels in The Aldurian Chronicles.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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