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5 Stars

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Julie Hodgson

In Julie Hodgson’s Finding Fizz, Sam has found himself in a beautiful, mystical land halfway between Heaven and everlasting purgatory. His guardian angel, Athena, explains that he is dead now, killed right around his twentieth birthday. However, Sam hasn’t just left his life behind; he also lost the love of his life, Fizz. Riddled with guilt, Athena offers to reincarnate him so he can return to Fizz- but there’s a catch. She can’t stop his eventual death, so each time she brings him back, he’s on a time crunch to finish his mission before that fateful day. There’s a chance that Sam could conquer his unfortunate demise, but only if he solves the mystery of his first death, the one that tore him away from Fizz in the first place.

Finding Fizz is a highly unusual book, but in the best way. It combines several genres- most notably romance, mystery, and fantasy- together into one melting pot of literary greatness. The concept might seem a bit odd, but it is executed wonderfully. The imagery that Julie Hodgson used in her novel was phenomenal; it was almost as if Finding Fizz was a masterpiece painting concocted only of words.

Its only downfalls were so minimal that they did not take away from its magic at all. First, it seemed to have a plethora of winding, run-on sentences that were sometimes hard to follow. The other is its dialogue; often when characters were speaking to one another, their dialogue seemed wooden or awkward. Beyond that, Finding Fizz was almost faultless. It was an enchanting read, unexpectedly unique and charming. Julie Hodgson’s fictional world was a pleasure to experience, and one that most readers would surely fall in love with.

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