Everything For Love – Entered in 2017 ATAI Book Award Contest

4 Stars

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Marilyn Vix

Marilyn Vix has created a very unique new series in her Time Rogue Series. Kicking off the series with Everything For Love, Vix introduces readers to Deidre, Max and even James. They are “timeanauts”. Deidre’s job is to travel back in time to research artists and gain understanding of their methods, but “timeanauts” mustn’t change history. When Deidre unexpectedly does, her life is threatened. Max appears and helps to save her. The attraction she feels towards him is instant, but is marred by the various other men she seems to feel something for, and her heart still aches for James. However, Vix does an exceptional job of bringing a titillating climax to their story all while creating a cliffhanger that will leave readers waiting to read the next book with bated breath.

Everything For Love is an interesting mix as it’s sweet, gentle, hot and sexy, relaxed and tension-filled. Though the story drags a bit in the earlier stages, it picks up about mid-way through. Deidre’s innate tendency to fall for numerous different male characters takes away from the possibility that she is capable of experiencing really being in love, but it also suggests she’s just a hot-blooded, sensual woman. After all, the “timeanauts” have to charge their energy bracelets, so they can time travel, with sexual energy. One major drawback is the large amount of grammatical errors, but solid proofreading could correct that.

Readers shouldn’t let the need for grammatical errors take away from the absolutely fascinating delight that Marilyn Vix’s Everything For Love holds. The Time Rogue Series has been set up to suck readers in and create raving fans with a unique blend of different genres, including paranormal, sci-fi, and steamy romance. Vix’s skill at writing an ending that is surprising, atypical, sexy and a cliffhanger is a skill few authors have. This type of writing ability displayed in Everything For Love, by Marilyn Vix, will have many readers coming back for more.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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