Entrance – Entered in 2018 Book Award Contest

5 Stars

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J.J. Sorel

Entrance by J. J. Sorel is the first book in the Thornhill Trilogy. The book follows Clarissa Moone, a twenty-one-year-old woman who has just landed the job of a lifetime – personal assistant to the more eligible bachelor in town. Clarissa resolves to stay focused on her work, but that can only last so long when working for the alluring Aiden Thornhill.

Sorel’s book is another in a long line of post Fifty Shades of Grey romance. The weakest part of the narrative is the plot itself; it is incredibly cliché. A young woman, beautiful without trying, lands a job working for a super-rich, super-eligible, and super-damaged bachelor. The two soon embark on a sordid love affair complete with inappropriate stalking, jealousy, and enormous amounts of sex. Unfortunately, there is no aspect of the plot that sets this book apart from the crowd. Spending more time delving into the psyches of the main characters would help to resolve this issue. They need some defining characteristics or experiences that set them apart.

Entrance is nothing if not a complete story. The book is well-structured, and the characters have distinct – if cliché – personalities. The quick pacing of the book makes it the perfect afternoon or weekend read. The intimate scenes are sure to get the reader’s blood pumping. Sorel displays a knack for erotic descriptions that bring the romantic antics to life. J. J. Sorel’s Entrance, the first book in the Thornhill Trilogy, will appeal to readers who are looking for a quick, sexy read replete with the sordid details.

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