An Enlightening Quiche – Entered in 2017 Book Award Contest

5 Stars

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Eva Pasco

Eva Pasco’s An Enlightening Quiche centers around the rivalry of two very different women as they compete against one another to make the perfect quiche. Augusta is promiscuous and emotionally damaged, turning heads and raising eyebrows wherever she goes. Lindsay, on the other hand, is a prim and proper historian tasked with rescuing a local mill from certain demise. Despite the premise of a simple bake-off, both women get far more than they bargained for. A delicious quiche becomes the catalyst for profound epiphanies, insightful prose, and a most welcome enlightenment.

An Enlightening Quiche is far more intricate than it may seem to be; while a book based around baking a quiche may not sound like a page-turner, this book is so much more than that. Both main characters were complex and engaging, with detailed backstories and overwhelmingly believable narratives. To put it simply, they felt almost real. The plot itself was incredibly intriguing, littered with witty quips and fascinating social commentary. Although a bit too wordy at times, it was enjoyable from the first page to the last.

Eva Pasco crafted a real gem in An Enlightening Quiche. Her style of writing is uniquely fresh, while still maintaining a level of intelligence that is beyond impressive. Pasco hit the nail on the head with a winning combination of love, loss, friendship, humor, and a profoundly deep introspection that will surprise any reader. Just as Augusta and Lindsay did, An Enlightening Quiche’s readers will get far more than they bargained for in this novel.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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