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4 Stars

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Anne Allen

In Anne Allen’s Echoes of Time, Natalie Ogier moves to a quaint cottage on the island of Guernsey, in an attempt to start a new life. However, she is soon plagued by the haunting tragedy surrounding the original owners of the farmland the cottage sits on. Her only neighbor, Stuart Cross, is their grandson, so she enlists his help to try and discover what really happened there. Together, Natalie and Stuart must unravel the mystery of the Beauregard Farm, and finally put the damaged souls there to rest.

Perhaps Echoes of Time’s only downfall is its jumpy narrative. The plot tends to skip around a bit too often, going from one event to another with little warning. There are also several instances of fragmented sentences or seemingly unfinished thoughts that make the narrative feel incomplete and rushed. In some ways, it still reads like a draft.

However, the storyline and characters more than make up for that. Echoes of Time’s plot is wonderfully mysterious and intriguing, and Anne Allen’s use of descriptive language and imagery is fantastic. This novel’s characters are fascinating and, for the most part, very believable in their actions, thoughts, and behaviors. The story is fully captivating from beginning to end; despite there being some slower moments here and there, the use of suspense carries the novel well. The pacing is nearly perfect, and Anne Allen’s style of writing is dark and interesting. Overall, Echoes of Time is a great, highly entertaining read.

Originally critiqued by a member of the Authors Talk About It team.

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