Confessions of an Assassin


Confessions of an Assassin

Linda Heavner Gerald

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Book Description:

The secret government agency which Catherine Carnegie was enticed to join gave her the hardest assignment of her life in Bali, Indonesia. Once alluring, she now found the glamour and danger not worth the required sacrifice. Eventually, she was given a way out but it required the destruction of the thing she loved most. Her life was spent in pain and agony until the day a package arrived from an unlikely source.  That was the gift which set her free.

The Mastermind behind Confessions of an Assassin:

Linda Heavner Gerald

Linda is retired and lives with her husband on the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Currently she has seven published novels with another Thriller on the way. Her goal is to demonstrate that regardless of our actions, God is always there to welcome us back. The books which she writes are books of substance with something to challenge or encourage. A medical background encourages her to incorporate facts that may help readers seek professional help for various situations or the provision of latest facts. Linda was voted One of 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading.

Linda has one son and one grandson who reside in Dallas, Texas. She and her husband love to take long walks on the Gulf of Mexico and bike on the trails by her home.

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