Cent’ Anni: The Sinatra Legend at 100 – A biography


Cent’ Anni: The Sinatra Legend at 100

Richard Muti

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Book Description:

Cent’ Anni : The Sinatra Legend at 100 is a fast-paced, one-volume study of the most fascinating entertainer of the 20th century. This 400-page trade paperback also includes a 16-page photo insert.

The book is a highly readable page-turner, for avid Sinatraphiles as well as more casual fans of his music and films. It examines the forces, both positive and negative, that made Sinatra a true legend of our time. The book also examines the love-hate relationship he maintained toward Hoboken and New Jersey for most of his life.

The Mastermind behind¬†Cent’ Anni: The Sinatra Legend at 100:

Richard Muti

Richard Muti has more than 100 publishing credits, mostly articles having to do with public policy, law, politics and government, but including five previous books. He spent 19 years as a successful trial prosecutor and has also taught writing, American government and politics, criminal justice, and history at three New Jersey universities. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Harvard Business School, and Rutgers Law School, Muti is a former Navy pilot and former mayor of Ramsey, New Jersey, his hometown.

Learn more here: www.RichardMuti.com

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